Zoocheck, a Canadian charitable organization, presents  Keep It Wild!  - in-class, animal-themed workshops for elementary school students. Each workshop offers a unique learning experience by combining science and technology with compassion and advocacy towards animals and the environment. 

Keep It Wild! workshops are designed to enrich and enhance the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum. Through hands-on investigation, engaging activities, and discussion, students will investigate the characteristics, needs, adaptations, and habitats of different wild animals. 

Our workshops place a special emphasis on Sustainability and Stewardship. Students are encouraged to think critically about animals and the environment, and to develop a sense of personal and societal responsibility  Each workshop empowers students to take action, and make a difference in the lives of all wild animals. 
Here's a link to our blog, with pictures, letters, and photos from classrooms that have already participated, as well as information, book reviews, and more.

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